An artistic journey is what encapsulates the bottles of Kannauj Naturals. The generational skills of perfumery seep into the refined blends of these tasteful and mastered scents that exude the aromas of India.
    Kannauj famously known as the perfume capital of India has been a pioneer in perfumery since ages now, having started with curating blends for royalty. The luxurious scents of North India are masterfully weaved into perfumes and attars thats are sure to tantalise the Olfactories of not just the wearer but the crowd whose attention it demands.

    Handcrafted with the best quality of Ingredients that are carefully cultivated and sourced, these perfumes are devilishly invigorating. 

    The process of curating and crafting these blends aim towards bringing the source to buyer, thus cutting down on middlemen involved in the process. The idea is to bring it hot right from the Deg Bhapkas to your skin.
    Kannauj, a Small Village in Uttar Pradesh Which Literally Translates to Northern Parts of India which are Culturally Vivid
    *Most Ingredients are seasonal and Hence some Variants are Based on Season of Cultivation and Variant Available now cant be Guaranteed to Predict Next Restock Date.
    Limited Units of Bottles Made and Each bottle Comes with Unique Batch Code with Sequence number.