#MITTI - Mitti Ki Khushbu - Soul De India By AttarShala Made in Kannauj on Mysore Sandalwood Base

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Soul De India By Kannauj - Attars of India ( Mitti Attar - Petrichor)

This is a True Collectible and Imagine Gifting someone Joy of Childhood.

Petrichor or Mitti Attar. Is a Wonder in Perfume Making where smell of Wet Earth is Captured .

We are going to be little Emotional here. After Sniffing dozens of so called Soil Scents , Earth Scents , Petrichor Scents and so on.

When we first Sniffed this ,it was Instant Teleportation to the childhood , The Smell of First Rain , the Smell of Wet Muddy Football Field , The Smell of Splinker in Garden.

The Smell of Soul of India, Chosen from over 25 Variants from Various Families in Kannauj.

Our Version is made in 100% Pure Sandalwood Oil and Comes in Dark Amber Colour.

Most Mitti Attars fadeaway after an hour , but ours Actually Starts After an Hour when our Thick Sandalwood Plays Mystiques with your Skin.

100% Natural
100% Vegan made with Hydro Distillation Process
100% Renewable Energy Used in Making - Waste Cowdung Cakes as Fuel and making the Process

Child Labour is Still Prevalent in India , We Discourage Child Labour and No Underage workers were Involved in Making.

100% Natural and Now Shipping Worldwide , Please add more Products from our attars section to save shipping.

Watch Full Channel Here - https://www.youtube.com/c/Perfumery-india/videos

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12 January 2022

Smell like new clay pot filled water just now.

Not totally natural some chemical mixed.80% fragrance like petrichor.

11 December 2021

Good Intial Fragrance But Doesn't Last

The initial fragrance of Mitti Attar was as expected. But the fragrance did not last in same fragrance note as intial. The fragrance changes after few minutes. The Attar bottle can have a logo instead of golden design which can make it look more authentic.

10 December 2021

Pretty close

Smells like real soil. But has a little bit of chemical fragrance in it, which makes it seem synthetic

09 December 2021


Excellent product

16 November 2021

Most natural smelling petrichor

This is a very high quality attar, which reminds me of the soil after the first rains. Its very natural smelling and stays for 1 day atleast. Go get it

16 November 2021

Natural smelling petrichor

This is a very high quality attar, which reminds me of the soil after the first rains. Its very natural smelling and stays for 1 day atleast. Go get it

09 November 2021

Petrichore with Sandalwood

Blissful! Opened the package and removed the cap, it smelled first rain immediately. It is amazing that the beautiful sweet memory of the first rain falling on soil and making it sweet can be captured in a tiny little bottle. It has most vibe of Matka (earthen/clay pot) Nostalgic! Amazing creation and this one lasts pretty much longer than previous one. 8-9 hours on skin. It's not as loud as other attar/perfume, this is meant for oneself to enjoy it purely.

08 October 2021

Back to basics the childhood aroma

Beautiful fragrance of wet earth after the rain or the water soaked kullhars. Quite good but longevity is bit less compared to MLR Attar Mitti however at the price point you can't complain.

26 September 2021

Aroma that every human loves

Every noticed the pleasant, Dewey fragrance outside when it rains..well that's petrichor or mitti ki khusbu. It has been amazingly captured in bottle by PPI. The aroma of wet soil after a soft rain giving that peacefulness. An earthy pleasant complex fragrance.

22 September 2021

Close your eyes and you literally smell mitti

True to its name. Totally. Did leak a lil but manageable.